Let’s make money writing — and change the world too

Let’s make money writing — and change the world too

This blog is for you writers out there who want to be read (duh), grow your audience, find creative bliss, and make some goddamn money doing what you love.

What We’re About

We’ll cover writing for yourself. Things like:

  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction
  • Memoir
  • Essay

We’ll also cover writing for clients and bosses:

  • Reporting/journalism
  • Content and commercial writing
  • Ghost writing
  • Freelance editing

Why both? Because in my experience, people who are passionate about writing do some combination of the above. They just can’t help themselves. They write all over the place.

What We’re Not About

This blog is not about giving birth to precious book babies (ew) or freelancing for $2 an hour because “everyone has to start somewhere.” We’ll talk more about both of these later and why they’re detrimental to our profession.

But for now let’s just agree that writers:

  • Do important work. (OK, not like curing-cancer-important. But there’s a reason we humans spend billions every year entertaining and enlightening ourselves.)
  • Have a right to expect fair treatment in their business dealings.

Brace Yourself?

We’re going to be pretty real on here. We’re going to discuss topics like: “Why self-publishing may not be right for every project” or “10 signs you may need to take a craft class.”

(Do you think I’m a pathological narcissist now?  If so, know that I’m draining my retirement on craft classes. Because chances are, I’m a worse writer than you.)

So if you’re not scared away yet, don your flameproof pants, dive in, and please leave your thoughts and comments (especially when you think I’m wrong about something). Let’s make this a community where we learn from and support one another.


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